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    Pitching & Presenting

    Public Speaking From the Heart - A Presentation Skills Course For Digital Agencies

    Let's face it - pitching and presenting is not easy. You've got to share your creative work with openness and excitement, manage client expectations, and communicate complex ideas quickly and concisely. AND you've got to do all this on a short timeline while looking and sounding confident and at ease. Let me help you take your presence and communication skills to the next level. I work exclusively with creative agencies who serve forward thinking brands. This program is designed for people who are already involved in high level and complex presentations/client conversations. It uses 1:1 coaching supported by an online course portal to teach your creative & production teams effective communication skills for both internal and external presentations, and includes 2 group workshops where they can share their work for feedback from their peers.


    Topics covered include:

    • Physical & Vocal Presence
    • Storytelling and Presentation Skills
    • Sharing Your Authentic Voice
    • Dealing with Nerves, and how to thrive despite them
    • Rehearsing like an Actor
    • Goal Setting & Reflective Practice
    "Christine helped me not only with how to communicate and present better, but also to understand how our body and mind plays an important role on how we communicate. Each session is an opportunity to dive into self-knowledge. I learned techniques and strategies that I can apply whenever I want. I highly recommend Christine!"
    - Raphael Mendes Bezerra, Designer


    Freeing Your Voice -An annual 10 week course to develop and strengthen your authentic voice.

    Using the Linklater Vocal Progression, we'll release vocal tension to discover a more connected, clearer, and expressive voice. Actors and creatives can use this work to bring more feeling and depth to their voice, reduce vocal strain, and increase voice power. Non-actors can use this work to develop a stronger and more compelling personal presence, and to build stronger relationships.

    A limited number of students are accepted for this work. Contact Christine to apply for the next round - Fall 2021.


    Freedom in Five

    5 Days to More Vocal Freedom in 5 Minutes a Day - A Free Mini Course for Actors, Singers, and Speakers

    Would you like more of YOU - your personality, your passion, your aliveness - to come out through your voice?

    Connecting your thoughts and feelings to your voice is key to both compelling acting and creating a stand-out personal brand. This free and highly actionable mini-course will introduce the 5 key principles of authentic, connected, speaking and communicating. It's an ideal jumping off point to beginning to free your voice, and a fast way to reconnect for the more seasoned performer.


    Christine Berg is the Founder of SHINE Creative Coaching.


    She is a voice, presentation & dialect coach with over 15 years of experience helping actors and executives take their communication skills to the next level through developing engaging presentations, developing a more impactful presence, and fully embracing leadership opportunities. She regularly coaches groups and individuals in the c-suite and boardroom, as well as in the theatre and studio.


    Christine’s work on presentation coaching is wide ranging - from large scale keynotes, to conference presentations, pitches for new business, board and investor presentations, and motivational & inspirational true story talks. In 2018 she served as an Expert Advisor to the ACSE (Active Citizens Social Enterprise) Programme run by the United Nations Association (Canada). .


    In the artistic realm, many of her actors and students have appeared on stage and on screen in shows such as Reign, Saving Hope, Grey’s Anatomy, The Book of Mormon (Mirvish), Kinky Boots (Mirvish), Spoon River (Soulpepper), Hamlet (CanStage) and the Stratford and Shaw Festivals. She is currently coaching for a forthcoming CBC Television production, as well as on-air personalities for TSN and TSC, and is a regular coach for Disney Cruise Lines.


    Christine was on the Theatre Performance faculty at Humber College for 6 years. While at Humber she taught on all 3 years of the program, and coached on a wide range of department productions. She holds a BFA in Acting (UBC) an MA in Voice and Speech (University of London). She is one of only 5 voice coaches in Canada to hold a post-graduate Linklater Voice Designation.


    There is not such thing as a perfect voice. Christine believes that truth is more beautiful than perfection, and that sharing our hearts and minds through our voices (in the boardroom and in life), is a powerful and revolutionary act.

  • Clients include:


    I worked with Christine to take my upcoming speech at Cornell University up a notch or two. She worked with me to tap into my energy, my personal passion and even my heart, transforming a good speech into a highly impactful one!

    I highly recommend Christine and will definitely hire her again!

    Jo-Anne Hill - Hotel Consultant, JH Consulting


    Christine is the best accent modification expert I could have asked for. Her keen insights and approaches helped me transform my accent by leaps and bounds. This work has boosted my confidence (surprisingly so) and I've observed that my interactions with people feel more satisfying and complete. This journey had a profound impact on my voice, accent, and personality.

    Ravi Dhanwani - Team Lead, Lixar​


    Christine's approach was very relaxed and hands-on. Her intuitive coaching helped me make new discoveries with pieces I had been working on for years!

    Jennifer Villaverde, Actor


    "I love coming every class knowing that I'm going to progress and learn so much. I come out with a little bit more confidence in myself. Confidence in my speech and confidence in my performance.

    Anastasia Marinina - Actor


    Christine helped me to discover the potential for change and growth in a voice that was locked up from habitual tension and lacked support. Christine is an understanding and patient instructor who truly cares about the progress and well-being of her students. She is very

    in-tune with who she is working with. Every time I travel home from a session with Christine

    I feel proud about how much I discovered that day.

    Nolan Molfetta - Actor


    My presentation to potential investors went extremely well. We generated quite a lot of interest. The work we did together was exactly what I needed to be prepared.

    Executive VP of Finance and CFO, Global Manufacturer, Consumer Products


    Christine Berg has significantly aided my voice-over career. First and foremost, she worked with me to neutralize my regional accent when necessary, allowing me to compete for national jobs. Her direction was professional and constructive without advising me to completely lose my authentic, natural voice. I encourage anyone who is serious about enhancing their voice potential to work with Christine.

    Kendall Nelson - Actor


    Christine's class is not only a great class to reduce your accent, but you also learn a lot of tricks to get more confident with the language. I learned that our entire bodies can impact

    our voices.

    Zoe Huber - Student


    It was so great getting to work with you and I really valued and appreciated the time we had together

    and our lessons. If there's ever an opportunity to do something similar in my next job, I'll be sure to give you a call.
    Executive Producer, Digital Marketing Agency


    Just a really quick note to say thanks for all your guidance, craftsmanship, and coaching in the past few weeks. Our presentation on Friday went really well and was received and discussed in positive energy over the course of the past few days.
    Partner, Digital Marketing Agency


    Your program helped me to communicate with confidence at work and outside of the work environment. Thank You!

    Maya Chy - Quality Assurance Analyst


    Christine's approach is genuine, personalized and results-focused.

    My sessions were holistically valuable and I highly recommend working with Christine!

    Dan Clark, Global Client Partner, Jam3


    Speaking from the heart: This really resonated with me as an effective way to tame my nerves. Promising to channel more authenticity from here on out! I'm sure we'll see each other again — been singing your praises to the team.

    Strategist, Digital Marketing Agency


    Christine, you will be happy to know that my speech was well received. To my surprise many people congratulated me on it.


    I can say that the speech was one the proudest moments of my life.


    I want to thank you for making one of the most important days in my life a success. I couldn’t have done it without your help.


    Bob Balta

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  • “I want to hear YOU, not your voice.”
    ― Kristin Linklater

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