• CORPORATE Voice Coaching & Presentation Skills

    Communicating effectively to clients and to all levels of your company is critical to your success.


    Your team is full of incredibly talented people. They're passionate about their subject matter, care about their clients, and are ready to lead the business to meet your vision for growth.


    But being a competent leader, qualified subject matter expert or an enthusiastic salesperson only works if these individuals are able to effectively communicate their ideas. While many people have years of training and experience in their field, learning to use their voice effectively may not be a skill they've acquired.


    SHINE Creative coaching offers public speaking and leadership presence coaching packages aimed at helping you and your team make the best impression you can.


    Powerful public speakers know how to authentically use their voice to build trust and create relationships, whether that's inside the company, or with valued clients.


    Each coaching package is customized to meet your needs and to work with your company's priorities. Participants will go from feeling nervous, underprepared, and relying on their slides to do all the heavy lifting, to feeling confident, well-rehearsed, and able to communicate in a way that is meaningful to their audience.

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