• YOUR Three Essential Speeches

    There are a few essential speeches that every C-Suite Executive needs to deliver. Together, we’ll create and rehearse these, so that you never need to worry about being caught unprepared.
    After working with me, three of these speeches will be ‘in your pocket’. You’ll know them so well, that when you’re called upon to speak, a quick update and a run through is all you’ll need.

    You’ll also learn reliable techniques you can apply again and again to increase your confidence & sense of ease, as well as your ablity to engage and connect.

    Choose from the following list of speeches - or, let me know exactly what you need.

    1. The Vision Pitch - who we are, where we’re going next. This speech can be adapted for

    various audiences, such as sales teams etc.

    2. Results Update - Update the board on various initiatives. Develop succinct and consistent messaging. Prepare to answer questions.

    3. Investor Roadshow - if you’re hitting the road to raise funds, don’t miss the opporunity to work on this one. Get comfortable sharing your company’s story, and why hopping on board with you is an excellent opportunity. We’ll also do some Q&A, so you practice answering tough questions and staying on message.

    4. Media Announcement - have some exciting news to share? Let’s ensure you deliver it in an equally exciting way.

    5: Conference Presentation to fellow professionals: Share best practices, or discuss trends and projections in your industry. Establish yourself as a thought leader amongst your fellow professionals.

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