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    Pitching & Presenting

    Public Speaking From the Heart - A Presentation Skills Course For Digital Agencies

    Let's face it - pitching and presenting is not easy. You've got to share your creative work with openness and excitement, manage client expectations, and communicate complex ideas quickly and concisely. AND you've got to do all this on a short timeline while looking and sounding confident and at ease. Let me help you take your presence and communication skills to the next level. I work exclusively with creative agencies who serve forward thinking brands. This program is designed for people who are already involved in high level and complex presentations/client conversations. It uses 1:1 coaching supported by an online course portal to teach your creative & production teams effective communication skills for both internal and external presentations, and includes 2 group workshops where they can share their work for feedback from their peers.


    Topics covered include:

    • Physical & Vocal Presence
    • Storytelling and Presentation Skills
    • Sharing Your Authentic Voice
    • Dealing with Nerves, and how to thrive despite them
    • Rehearsing like an Actor
    • Goal Setting & Reflective Practice
    "Christine helped me not only with how to communicate and present better, but also to understand how our body and mind plays an important role on how we communicate. Each session is an opportunity to dive into self-knowledge. I learned techniques and strategies that I can apply whenever I want. I highly recommend Christine!"
    - Raphael Mendes Bezerra, Designer


    Freeing Your Voice -An annual 10 week course to develop and strengthen your authentic voice.

    Using the Linklater Vocal Progression, we'll release vocal tension to discover a more connected, clearer, and expressive voice. Actors and creatives can use this work to bring more feeling and depth to their voice, reduce vocal strain, and increase voice power. Non-actors can use this work to develop a stronger and more compelling personal presence, and to build stronger relationships.

    A limited number of students are accepted for this work. Contact Christine to apply for the next round - Fall 2021.


    Freedom in Five

    5 Days to More Vocal Freedom in 5 Minutes a Day - A Free Mini Course for Actors, Singers, and Speakers

    Would you like more of YOU - your personality, your passion, your aliveness - to come out through your voice?

    Connecting your thoughts and feelings to your voice is key to both compelling acting and creating a stand-out personal brand. This free and highly actionable mini-course will introduce the 5 key principles of authentic, connected, speaking and communicating. It's an ideal jumping off point to beginning to free your voice, and a fast way to reconnect for the more seasoned performer.

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  • “I want to hear YOU, not your voice.”
    ― Kristin Linklater

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