• Executive Voice Coaching & Presentation Skills

    Communicating effectively to all levels of your company is critical to your success.


    Whether you’re speaking as the internal or external face of your organization, easily communicating your company’s vision (and responding to stakeholder feedback) needs to become second nature. You’re the expert on what you do; now let me help you learn how to authentically communicate that to your staff, customers, investors, and clients.


    I offer a bespoke package to take up to 10 staff through 2 months of 1-1 coaching, culminating in a group presentation skills master class. .


    Areas of work include:


    • Bringing the story of your presentation, speech, or pitch to life
    • Developing a confident and relaxed body & voice 
    • Strengthening your voice so you communicate clearly, effectively, and with variety
    • Building your presentation rehearsal toolbox, so you have a go-to rehearsal process that works
    • Increasing vocal power, so you can be heard more easily
    • Curing common vocal pitfalls such as upspeak, overuse of filler words, and vocal fry
    • Clarifying speech sounds as needed

    All of our services are confidential and can be held in-person at your Toronto office, at my office in Leslieville, or virtually. Coaching packages are fully customized, send us an email to discuss your needs.


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