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    Registration for Spring Accent Softening Classes is now OPEN. This class is about clarity and confidence in communication, while staying authentically YOU.

    Get the powerful, clear, and expressive voice you want. I'll show you how.

    Hi, I'm Christine, a voice and accent expert.


    I know that whether you are an actor or not, you need a voice that is truthful, authentic, and powerful. A voice that can be heard easily, is willing to stand up for itself, and that expresses your place in the world clearly and directly.


    It's my purpose to help people get more connected to their voices. Because I believe that there is power in vulnerability, I believe that a voice that reveals, rather than conceals your heart and mind is a voice of strength, and I believe that strength is compelling.


    Whether you are learning a new accent, prepping for a speech, or developing your acting chops, these are the principles I work by. Every session offers the opportunity to develop the clarity and authenticity of your voice, and to share that connection through the words you speak.

    I began working with voice and speech over 20 years ago - earning a BFA in Acting, an MA in Voice and Speech, and specialized certification as a Designated Linklater Voice Teacher. I spent 7 years training actors on faculty in the Theatre Performance Program at Humber College, alongside coaching privately through my business. Many of my students and clients continue to do great work on the screen and stage today. Past clients and students are currently acting With the Stratford and Shaw Festivals, and appear on major shows such as: Grey's Anatomy, Kevin at Work, Saving Hope, and Orphan Black.


    Selected corporate clients have included executives from: Scotiabank, TD, Aveda, Jam 3, Fresh Squeezed Ideas, JH Hospitality, McKinsey, The Boston Group and KIK Custom Products.



    Changing your accent takes dedication, time, attention and practice. A small group coaching experience can provide you with the regular, specific practice necessary to help you assimilate new sounds quickly and effectively. I'll teach you all the nuts and bolts of North American speech sounds, in an engaging and supportive atmosphere.


    Each course is 6 weeks in length, and the courses can be taken in any order.


    In Course A, we'll focus on the sounds of General American English:


    • You'll gain a clear understanding of the most important sound changes for your voice


    • You'll practice hearing, feeling, and reproducing standard North American consonant sounds


    • Develop your vocabulary


    • Begin to implement these sounds into your everyday speech


    • Have the opportunity to apply these changes to a piece of public speaking, if you'd like to


    In Course B, you'll develop your listening and speaking abilities so that you can:


    • Use pitch, volume and length correctly at the word and sentence level


    • Recognize and reproduce the eight most common intonation patterns at the word level


    • Recognize and reproduce the eight most common intonation patterns at the sentence level


    • Develop your vocabulary


    • Begin to implement these patterns into your everyday speech


    • Have the opportunity to apply these changes to a piece of public speaking, if you'd like to


    Following a typical course of 10 hours of training over 5 weeks, you can expect to be heard and understood much more easily in business meetings and casual conversation, and to feel greater confidence and ease when you speak.

    Course B: Intonation Patterns of Neutral North American

    This course focuses on the syllable stress, musicality, and rhythms of Neutral North American.


    Next Session TBA


    Location: 50 Carroll Street

    Cost: $600 + tax per course, weekly group session, and weekly phone mini-coaching included.


    Course A: The Sounds of Neutral North American

    This course focuses on the consonant and vowel changes most commonly needed to achieve a clearer, more neutral sound.


    Next Session in Starts in March 2018


    Location: 50 Carroll Street

    Cost: $600 + tax per course, weekly group session, and weekly phone mini-coaching included.


    *if you'd like to add on a set of 3 private coachings to compliment the group class, that option is also available.



    Register below, or contact me for more info.





    My personalized, one-on-one coaching sessions focus on your specific needs. We will give concentrated attention to an upcoming presentation and teach you all of the skills that we teach in our group sessions, tailored to areas in which you need to see particular improvement.


    Our private coaching sessions help you to gain insight into what you do beautifully and into what you could develop further. With my help, you will master new techniques in order to fortify weaknesses in your presentation skills, and in order to ensure passionate, bold, and inspired delivery.

    Who should attend?

    • management-level personnel who regularly present and would like to improve audience engagement
    • speakers preparing for a specific upcoming event (e.g., sales presentation, annual general meeting) who would like to give extra polish to their work
    • people who would benefit from the supportive and interactive format of individual, tailored learning



    Whether the accent you need is from across the pond, south of the 49th parallel or all the way around the world, I can help! With me you'll learn your accent in a fun and creative atmosphere that is as technically specific as it is imaginative and supportive.


    Need coaching in a hurry for a last minute audition? Don't hesitate to get in touch. If there's a way to fit you in, I'll do it!


    Through coaching, you'll:


    • gain a thorough and specific understanding of the sound changes required to take on your new accent

    • experience an embodied understanding of the required rhythms and intonation patterns

    • apply these changes directly to your script


    • learn a systemic approach to accent acquisition that will enable you to prepare and rehearse any accent


    Email or call to book.



    This work is for actors who want to develop a stronger, more connected, more expressive voice for stage and screen.

    We'll utilize the Linklater vocal progression to develop and strengthen the voice through connecting breath to sound, exploring resonance, flying up and down through pitch, exercising breathing power to support the voice, and building more specific connection to speech sounds and language.


    If you are an actor or voice teacher considering Linklater Designation, I am currently training several people working towards the winter 2018 designation intake and would be happy to discuss that process with you.



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    What is the role of breathing in the art of acting? To me, a compelling performance is a union of voice, body, and imagination. My fascination is with the voice, and how it can either reveal or distort the truth of the performance. It is my belief that breath plays an essential role in...
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    Ravi Dhanwani

    Accent Reduction Client

    "After the 10 session accent reduction course with Christine, I can confidently say that she is the best accent modification/correction expert I could have asked for. I found her to be very personable, caring, approachable and goal oriented tutor who has a deep understanding of facial muscles, upper body muscles, accent, and speech. Her keen insights, homework, and approaches helped me transform my accent by leaps and bounds. In addition, as a major bonus, she helped me understand how to access my more natural voice. Accessing my more natural voice has boosted my confidence (surprisingly so) and I've observed that my interactions with people feel much more satisfying and complete. As a result, I've started to initiate and enjoy conversations with people, even talking to strangers (something I've never done before). It is pleasantly surprising how minor changes in my accent, speech, and voice have made me significantly more extrovert. I think of sessions with Christine as a journey that had a profound (and positive) impact on my speech, tone, voice, accent, and my personality. I'd highly recommend Christine to anyone who is keen to improve or transform their accent."

    Nolan Molfetta, Actor


    "I started working with Christine during my theatre training at Humber College. There, she helped me to discover the potential for change and growth in a voice that was locked up from habitual tension and lacked support. Christine is a pleasant, understanding and patient instructor who truly cares about the progress and well-being of her students. She is very in-tune with who she is working with; she can tell what areas are more difficult and her in-depth knowledge of the material allows her to work around what is hassling the student. Every time I travel home from a session with Christine I feel proud about how much I had discovered that day."

    Jo-Anne Hill

    Public Speaking Client

    "I worked with Christine to take my upcoming speech at Cornell University up a notch or two. She worked with me to tap into my energy, my personal passion and even my heart, transforming a good speech into a highly impactful one!

    I highly recommend Christine and will definitely hire her again!"


    Anastasia Marinina,
    Actor & Model

    Accent Reduction Client

    "I love coming every class knowing that I'm going to progress and learn so much. I come out with a little bit more confidence in myself. Confidence in my speech and confidence in my performance. I don't just want to be known for my accent. Learning a general American accent gives me a great variety of roles I can play."

    Kendall Nelson


    "Christine Berg has significantly aided my voice-over career. First and foremost, she worked with me to neutralize my regional accent when necessary, allowing me to compete for national jobs. Her direction was professional and constructive without advising me to completely lose my authentic, natural voice. in addition, she helped me to better prepare for auditions with valuable exercises, script reading tips, breathing techniques, and vocal health awareness, something that I previously took for granted. I encourage anyone who is serious about enhancing their voice potential to partner with SHINE CREATIVE COACHING."

    Jennifer Villaverde, Actor


    "Christine's approach was very relaxed and hands-on. Her intuitive coaching helped me make new discoveries with pieces I had been working on for years!"


    Jenn Ferris


    "I've been working with Christine for over a year and have seen large improvements. She's helped me find a voice I never knew existed. Her sessions are very relaxed and a perfect environment to explore and develop your voice. I've also gained such an awareness in my speech that I'm able to speak with a sense of ease."




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    Or send me an email below. All emails and calls are returned within 48 hours.


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